Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Then sings my soul

Myrlen Eugene Kelly.
September 12, 1925-
April 7, 2010

I've never met a more loving couple in my life than grandma and grandpa Kelly.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hi guys, this is important.

weight gain/ obesity is linked to breast, kidney, bowel, pancreatic and esophageal cancer. Just a 10 lb loss can reduce your risk by 20%! Even if you are already at a healthy weight, at least 30 minutes of daily activity is important to reduce your risk for cancer. Activity helps insulin work more efficiently in the body and therefor reduces the chance that healthy cells will become cancerous.

Also, red meat consumption should be limited to 18 oz a week. This one is hard for me, seeing as how Josh and his family raise beef and we get it for free. But carcinogens are produced when you cook red meat and it has high amounts of iron, which when consumed excessively will raise your risk of colon cancer.

Also, although I suspect most of you know this, avoid processed meat. Ham, bacon, hot dogs. Chemical preservatives in these types of meats are also linked to cancer.


High fiber diets can significantly reduce your risk of cancer as well. Eat whole grains and LOTS of fruits and veggies to stay healthy!

If you follow these guidelines you can reduce your risk as much as if you quit smoking.

Usually I wouldn't share stuff like this, but cancer is no fun (understatement) the few cancer patients I've had have inspired me to do all I possibly can to reduce my risk. So, moral of the story is:

more of food like this:

And less like this:

(although that picture makes me a lot hungrier than the previous one)

And more exercise, people.

(brought to you by my nutrition for health professionals class)