Monday, November 16, 2009


Josh and I started a mini-family within our own family.

This is Princess Snowflake. He was named that because he's going to be huge and Josh and I find it hilarious. Although we're thinking we might change his name to Spaghetti

This is Princess' future wife when she is of age, Hand Banana. For short we call her Hannee or Hannee Montanee

Princess trying to get our attention.

Josh and Hand Banana. Awweee

Josh and his baby again.

Why did we get dogs? Because they're easier than kids to take care of. SRSLY!
Maybe kids will come when we're not overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of responsibility we have just taken on. Dogs and a mortgage. I know, we're crazy.

We also have kitties, they are much easier to take care of.

Luv lub jub,



The front.

The dining room and fireplace (where s'mores are enjoyed every night )

The front room (most comfy couch evAR!)

The bedroom (Bom chicka wah-wah) with a peak into the bathroom and my jetted, wait jetted? yes, jetted tub.

And the best part of the house, the kitchen.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I feel obligated

To make a new post, here it goes:

Today is veterans day and we are going to Applebee's! Date night, yay!

Our puppies are getting way too big but are still way too cute

I am soon to be 22(On Nov 30th). No, I am not too young to be lying about my age

I am taking ballet again! This is me:
Ok we all know that is a lie as well, but someday...

We still don't have internet out on the farm.

I never thought I would live on a farm.

Loving it.

Luv Lub Jub