Sunday, January 25, 2009

44 hours

In approximately 44 hours my love will be with me, never to leave me again. I'm super excited, but even more excited to be taking more of these:

I've never had more trouble sleeping in my life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

dynamic duo

I think every time I hang out with Laura our schedule looks like this:

Have a fantastic idea for a fun filled night
get pretty
drive there
can't find parking
drive around for hours looking for a spot
forget our plans
take pictures of ourselves in the car
end the night at Ichiban eating a funky charlie roll.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sorry BLAHg patrons!

I have been very overworked this week, therefor I haven't had much time to catch up with you all. I will do it over the weekend, I promise. In the mean time enjoy a bridal pic that I only recently recieved:

P.s. I love blahg-stalkers! If you are reading this and want a new blogging buddy, please leave a comment! I love reading your blogs and adding more people to my list of blog friends.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1 more thing before I go to bed

10 months down. 3 weeks to go.

My life list

I still can't think of anything I really really need to get done before I die. Whats wrong with me? Have I lost all passion? Well here is a (very) rough draft of the few things I could scrounge together:

1)get a degree, maybe two. the first will be in nursing and the second will be in something much less practical
2)live in Amsterdam, if only for a month or two
3)learn french
4)teach my babies french
5)visit every continent
6)stop worrying about silly superficial things like weight and worry more about helping people who need my help (one of the reasons I'm going into the medical field, believe it or not)
7)spend new years in times square. I know people are going to try to talk me out of this. I don't care, I still want to.
Claire took this picture of me. I just wanted to add some visual stimulation to this blahg.

happy new years?

2008 will always be known as the year of separation for me. In comparison to years prior to being with josh it was wonderful. But no one makes me happy like he does. I'm sorry for sharing this. I know how annoying it is to see mushy gushy lovey dovey couples

(I'm reminded of a blog I wrote on valentine's 2005....

HERE IT COMES.... the air turns acrid from the sickening stench of rotting flowers and exclamations of "Googlie-bear!" Or, even worse, "I just love him SOOOOOOO much!" Although, I think my personal favorite is, "I just can't live without him/her/it." - Yeah, because I am so in love with my emotional crutch I take it with me everywhere.)

Little did I know I would soon turn into everything I hated.

luv lub jub