Sunday, April 20, 2008

DON'T TURN EMO. This message brought to you by the blood society of America. There's better things to do with veins. DONATE BLOOD.

50 things.

She didn't tag me but I'm doing it anyway.

  1. josh and I met on a blind date set up by my dear steven weaven

  2. he tried to kiss me on our first and second dates but I was impervious to his charms

  3. our first date was december 26th 2005

  4. our second was january 5th 2006

  5. first kiss was october 12th 2006

  6. before I got to know him i thought he was dumb (its the laugh) and he thought I was annoying... or something.

  7. out of everyone he has dated, I am the strongest (physically) and the smartest. (his words, not mine!) oh and the prettiest. hee hee. out of everyone i have dated he is the strongest, sexiest, smartest, and the only one i've loved. fo sho.

  8. the first time I ever experienced jealousy was when I fell in love with josh

  9. in the first couple months of us dating I saw him puke a lot
  10. he has seen me cry a lot and still loves me even after seeing my ugly crying face

  11. he buys my love (not really. but if he did he's doing a good job at it so far.)

  12. he's never raised his voice to me

  13. I yell and throw things at him all the time

  14. he takes it surprisingly calmly

  15. after our first date i went home and told my family that i met the man i was going to marry

  16. claire and steven are the two people responsible for us being together

  17. he has panic attacks when things are messy and disorganized

  18. I love rolling around in dirt and using my car floor as a trash can

  19. he pulls my hair clogs out of the shower (he loves me that much!)

  20. when i was sick he took me to the insta-care and never let go of me

  21. when he was sick i used my hospital connections to get him same-week surgery when he would have waited for over a month in excrutiating pain every day. Thank you Dr. Sven Svenson

  22. I took care of him after that for 3 weeks until he was better. the first night I layed by his side and watched him breathe until morning.

  23. we love pasta and eat it almost every night

  24. whenever we travel he does all the directing and I follow him around like a lost puppy

  25. i heart sushi. he seems to tolerate it cause he loves me. naw he likes it too.

  26. i procrastinate everything and he gets things done as soon as possible

  27. he speaks french

  28. j'apprends le francais pour lui

  29. he proposed to me on ensign peak

  30. it was a year ago from yesterday

  31. we watched "Emperor's New Groove" that night and ate taco bell

  32. I only have an engagement ring and no wedding band because i "don't need two rings..."

  33. thats perfectly fine with me, i really don't need another ring. mine is perfect as is.

  34. i only have one complaint about him and that is he has never bought me flowers (someday...)
  35. we argue about our first girls name. he wants annabelle and i want charlotte (so I can call her lottie, and because its my grandma's name)
  36. we don't care for boys names. or at least i don't.
  37. sometimes he knows when i'm having nightmares (at least subconsciously) and wakes me up to save me from them
  38. we're both horrible communicators via phone or e-mail
  39. he has a way of winning every argument even if he's wrong (i'm never wrong)
  40. he is the silliest, cutest person I have ever known. you would never guess it until you knew him well.
  41. this is my favorite picture of him:
  42. he wore that all day once while playing WoW to keep his legs warm
  43. my favorite thing he has ever cooked for me is king crab alfredo pasta
  44. when i was little i had an imaginary boyfriend named Bryan and Josh is just like him, looks, personality and everything
  45. he keeps me warm by spooning me when i am too cold to sleep
  46. he calls me doll face, loverbird, baby love butt and love bug (and many more, those are just the most common)
  47. he is my favorite snuggle bear.
  48. neither of us had any slight inkling of cold feet when we were getting married.
  49. the plan was to elope but family intervened.
  50. we have been together for 557 days and every day has been better than the last (i'm a cliche!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lane 10 at Target has a Self-Destruct button and a Bat Signal button.

Josh comes home in 4 days and I'm more excited than words can say.

I'm a little bit scared too.

Since I have last seen him time has flown by. These 4 days I'll have with him are going to be over in a flash. Then the next 4 months until I see him will feel like an eternity. I wish I could pause right here, where I only feel the anticipation of seeing him.

Or better yet I'll pause everything on wednesday.

By the way I heard a joke today. What's the difference between muslims and mormons?

The mormons want their 72 virgins now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Erich Tabert

He taught me how to ski...

I taught him how to eat good sushi...

He will be missed.

Man charged with severely beating estranged wife and her boyfriend

Man still in critical condition following assault

Newtown man facing murder charges in Waterbury pipe attack

Murder charge lodged against Newtown man in pipe attack

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why do I get the feeling that this is really a mob, just waiting for someone to say something they do not agree with?

I felt a lot less stress after school today. My studying time has decreased dramatically, thank heavens.
On to the Seattle stories I never finished.
(By the way, I realize that in my last entry I like, so needed to stop saying like and so.)

My favorite part of the trip: The car.

2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It gave me seizures of joy when I was driving it around. Isn't she beautiful? If isn't is a conjunction of is and not could we say "Is not it beautiful?"

Just so you are prepared for this next part, I spent a lot of time waiting around for Josh to finish army stuff. I would usually take pictures while waiting to cure boredom. Here are a few:

I tried to get Josh to join in on the fun, but he just isn't as photogenic as me. Here is his best pose:

I would also like to introduce you to my new and very loving friend, Noell. She drove my needy self around the whole time. Over 500 miles and without a complaint. What a friend.

She is what made this trip possible. And she's sweeter than a box of chocolate frosted sugar bombs.

So Noell was gracious enough to let me stay at her Grandma's place near Portland, and then she drove me to the airport. I was sad to leave. A little but happy but mostly sad. I wish I could have stayed in Fort Lewis with Josh up until he left for Afghanistan. But, I had responsibilities blah blah blah. So anywho, hour long wait at the airport = photoshoot!

I finally had a window seat. It was my first time ever sitting in one. I tell Josh he can have it everytime we fly but I secretly wish he would offer it to me. Oh well. I took a million pictures on the way home of the outside world from my point of view in my little plane in my window seat. The view was awesome. It was cloudy part of the time but mostly clear. I'll post the good ones later.

My plane was very little. I rocked out to turbulence the whole way back to Salt Lake.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First entry! dun dun dun

So as most of you know, Josh has been deployed. He's not in Afghanistan yet. He's in Washington now at Fort Lewis for his pre-deployment training. He has officially been deployed for 37 days now so that means his deployment is 10% over. Yay! It has been going by very fast, but sometimes I think I took everyones advice too seriously and made myself much more busy than I can handle. All I do is work, school, and homework. I get the occasional gym visit in there and sometimes I even get to play WoW, but not as much as I would like.

On to the story for the day. I was supposed to fly up here to see Josh today, but after finding out how busy he would be we decided to fly me in on Sunday. It was the best decision we have ever made (besides the marriage thing). We got to spend all day and night together on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I was the happiest I had been since he left.

We spent the first night in the army lodging here in Fort Lewis. The hotel was surprisingly nice. It was bigger than our last home. We ordered pizza that night and spent it together in our hotel.

The next day we went to rent a car. Thats right ladies, I am now driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse! It's a 2008 and everything. We've already put more miles on it than it started with. It's Bee-yooteeful and I wish I could take it back to Utah with me.

After getting our car we took a trip to the city of reefer madness and the most boring large city around, Seattle! We walked around the whole city, Space Needle and all and found nothing to do. We would have gone up on the space needle but it was rediculously expensive. We asked around and the hotel concierge reccomended going to New Orleans, a music and dinner place in the Pioneer District. It took us a while to find it but we gave a bum two nickels and he directed us right there. We also polled some (and by some I mean 1) Seattle-ite, and turns out everyone in Seattle does smoke weed. Anywho, here is a picture of us in New Orleans eating our Rochambeau and Gumbo.

As much as I wanted to stay with my lover in a 4 star hotel forever, we had to leave eventually. So here is a picture of Josh packing up our stuff on the left and the view from the hotel room on the right.

I figured since I would never return to this forsaken city, that I should take a picture of the space needle before I left. So here it is:

That's all I have for today. I plan on going to the beach tomorrow. I won't be able to go with Josh though because he has to stay on base. I will also take a picture of our lovely Eclipse.