Thursday, March 26, 2009

I give in

Well, I have internet. Kind of. It only works half the time. It causes more frustration than anything so I avoid it as much as I can. But.. I have all these vacation pictures that are burning a hole in my hard drive so I have to share some of them. Starting with day 1-2:

My dad doesn't get to fly very often. This was what he looked like through the whole plane ride. He had the excitement and wonder of a 4 year old.

Same with the tram at DFW. My dad's pretty cool.

Miami, our first stop.

Karen and Odell (the in-laws) on South beach.

This is what I saw when I looked to the right

And this is what I saw when I looked to the left. Ghetto-fabulous like me.

Jews. They have a monopoly on that place. We even saw a store called "Kosher-Land!"

If you are ever in Key Largo, Tower of Pizza is a MUST. Best pizza, pasta, cacciatori, linguine, toilet seats and decor I have ever seen. I also ate the most delicious key lime pie here. I loves me some key lime pie. I would actually say I'm a key lime pie connoisseur so if you are like me then this place should be your next vacation.

Our hotel in Key Largo. We slept on a deck next to the water.
Our cruise didn't leave til the next day. We decided to hang out in the keys. It was really cool. Except everything closed at 8. Who'da thunk it? In the keys especially. Lamewads. Noobsauces. Thats worse than Salt Lake even.

Being the snorkeling enthusiasts that we are, we had to go snorkeling at every possible stop. It was cold here but we survived. And we saw some awesome stuff. I only have 1 adjective in my vocabulary. Oh well, awesome is still better than saying "amazing". Oh, by the way, like the awesome wetsuits?

Going to the reef. Only half the party went because the other half was too weak.

I took this one especially for Cassie

clockwise from top left: Nurse shark, creepy school of fish, bright blue fish that I don't know the species of, and a barracuda. Awesome!

We taught dad "blue steel", then we showed him how it was done, then we played Titanic

Leaving Ft Lauderdale. Ummm it was windy. and cold.

So tomorrow (actually like, next week or so, when I gather up the patience to work with this shie-za internet again[don't you love all the veiled cursing I do?]) I will take you to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with us. Virgin Islands could be spread over a couple of days. It was awesmo (new adjective!) and I took too many pictures to share in just one post. And yes, I did wish Claire was there to take swimsuit pictures of me on a quaint and picturesque beach (Yay thesaurus!). Fortunately I was there to take them of myself. Josh laughed but I'll show him. I always do. I am so tired. Speech my slurred is.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello my long lost friends, I have a very exciting announcement for you today!

As most of you may know, Josh and I did not get married in the temple (boo)

Fortunately, we still have the opportunity (yay)

So on April 11th at 3pm in the salt lake temple I will be sealed to the love of my life for time and eternity.

Who knows what will come next? Babies? Maybe. Maybe not.

next time I will be going into the gory details of my exotic vacation to the eastern caribbean. In the meanwhile, enjoy this picture of me and lover-bear on my new favorite beach and future retirement spot:

edit - ok, I didn't notice the hickey before I posted this. Please forgive me. I am not trashy. Josh just enjoys marking his territory